Frequent questions

What is geopathic stress?

By “Geopathic stress” we mean all the consequences that our long-term stay in places affected by “toxic” geo-radiation can have on our body.
Geopathic stress is usually due to underground water veins and stagnant water, faults, caves, tectonic plate junctions and energy grid intersections (Hartman, Benker, Curry).
Also, human constructions such as tunnels, mines, undergrounds, power plants are additional causes

Effects of geopathic stress on health

These risks have to do with the weakening of the immune system, minimal resistance to viruses and bacteria and a wide range of psychosomatic conditions that lead the body to chronic and degenerative diseases.
The predominant disease states observed by scientists from earlier years were forms of cancer in people who slept in areas with underground water.

What is electromagnetic stress?

By Electromagnetic stress we mean all the consequences that our stay in places affected by electromagnetic radiation for a long time has on the body.
Electromagnetic stress (Electro Magnetic Frequency Stress – EMF Stress – E/M Stress) or electromagnetic pollution is due to electromagnetic radiation that may come from the external E/M cloud, which is created by antennas (TV, mobile phones), radar , pylons, electricity substations, train and trolley lines and from UMTS (wireless data transfer networks, which are very powerful).
It is also caused by household E/M pollution, i.e. all household electrical appliances, cordless phones, mobile phones, wireless intercom.

Effects of Electromagnetic Stress on Health

• Lack of concentration, sleep
• Respiratory dysfunctions
• Cardiac dysfunctions
•Skin rashes
• Allergies
• Thyroid problems
• Fibromyalgia
• High risk for neurological conditions
• Decrease in brain cells
•Adrenal fatigue

What changes will I see in my health?

• sense of vitality and well-being, Vital Force
• improve concentration and focus,
• significant stimulation of the immune system,
• greater ability to recover from illness,
• improving mental clarity,
• pain relief, headaches
• improving the body’s ability to absorb nutrients,
• removing stress from the body and the environment. Quality of life

How do I recognize that I have a problem with electromagnetic radiation?

Do you have trouble falling asleep, have restless sleep or wake up tired? Do you feel stressed and sad or do you have health problems that no one can find the cause of? Perhaps you should ask yourself if these symptoms are related to the poisoning of your body by Geopathic and Electromagnetic stress.

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