In the case of purchasing a product via the Internet or by other means of remote communication (by telephone, mail), in accordance with applicable law, the consumer is provided with a minimum two-year warranty (statutory warranty) as protection against defective products or products that do not correspond to the advertised appearance or mode.


A defective product is defined as that which:

  • does not meet the advertised features
  • includes proven material failure that affects its performance and is attributable to its manufacturing process and not to any damage or wear resulting from mishandling, dropping during transportation, or use other than its intended use (as described in the “Instructions of use” of the manufacturer)
  • it does not have the quality and performance that products of this type normally have

The determination of whether a product is defective is achieved after a specialized inspection by the manufacturing company and after verifying that its operation is affected.

Rights after purchase

If the product you purchased turns out to be defective, or if it does not correspond to the advertised appearance or function, and as long as the statutory warranty is still valid, the company has the obligation to repair or to it replace free of charge with another product of identical characteristics or to you reduce the price or refund your money, always after consultation with the customer.

How to request a repair or replacement of the merchandise, or a refund

The 2-year legal warranty period begins upon receipt of the goods and entry of the product’s unique serial number on the website.

  • You must inform the seller about the problem within 2 months after you discover it, otherwise you lose the right to warranty.
  • Within the first 6 months of receiving the product, you must prove to the seller that it is defective or does not meet the advertised features.
  • After 6 months, you must prove that the defect already existed when you received it, for example by showing that the defect is due to the poor quality of the material used.

The merchant is always obliged to find a solution. The consumer is not entitled to a refund if the problem is minor, e.g. a scratch.

Additional guarantees (commercial guarantees)

The manufacturer offers additional commercial warranty (also known as product Warranty), for additional 3 years which is included in the sale price of the product automatically by entering the unique serial number of the product on the website, provided that the product received by the consumer is not part of a package offer with a special discount. In the case of products purchased as part of an offer package with a special discount, only the right to a free 2-year warranty applies.

This additional guarantee can be applied in case of purchase of products in offer packages with a special price by paying an additional amount that will be determined each time by the manufacturer.

Order cancellation and refund

14-day period for cancellation and return of purchases made (online, by phone or mail order)

  • The consumer has the right to cancel the order without any charge if the product has not yet been shipped.
  • The consumer has the right to cancel the order and return the product purchased within 14 days and get all the money back. In this case, however, shipping costs will be charged.
  • Also, the product to be returned must be in excellent condition according to the manufacturer’s standards and must not be damaged.

The 14-day “grace” period does not apply to, among other things, the following:

  • if the product has already replaced another defective one and the warranty has been used
  • if the product has been damaged by misuse
  • if the product has visible signs such as scratches, cracks, breaks.

It is stated that the consumer has legal rights under applicable national law governing the sale of consumer goods and it is made clear that these rights are not affected by the warranty.