About us

The RADITOX company was founded in 2010 and since then researches and at the same time develops innovations in the field of Health & Wellness

For a hundred years now, studies have been carried out by the scientific community on the existence of geopathic and electromagnetic stress without the citizen being sufficiently informed about the complications that these invisible dangers can have on his mood (Vital Force) and by extension on his health.

The need to inform and awaken people, but also the lack of choice in dealing with the problem, pushed us to found the company RADITOX in 2010.


Our philosophy is to constantly inform about invisible health risks and to create innovative scientific methods of protection. By protecting the human body from harmful and unwanted radiation – energies, we contribute to a better quality of life.

Our target

Raditox was created to contribute to:

Our goal is to protect our health (our Vital Force) from the effects of new technologies and to create a set of conditions where our body does not experience a threat and can activate mechanisms of well-being and development.

  1. The Update
  2. The development of innovative products
  3. To contribute to a better quality of life.

Our team

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