VIBRATION Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a molecular biologist, has been a professor at several universities, including Stanford, and is the author of 11 books. His book “The Biology of Belief” was awarded as one of the best science books of 2006. Dr. Lipton has published over 20 scientific articles on the mind-body relationship.

And here there is a big misunderstanding. Many people, when they hear about energy and vibrations, think that we are talking about something invisible, imperceptible with our senses. This, however, is a product of ignorance.

In fact, everything is energy. I, right now as I speak to you, am a collection of photons. These photons are captured by your eyes, send a part of the information to the brain, and your brain interprets this whole as the final image you give me as you see me. Many modern medical diagnostic devices today are based on this energy and its vibrations.
Thus, constructive interference of energy occurs when two similar energies meet and create a stronger and larger energy field. But when two actions are different, then the exact opposite can happen. One to neutralize or remove from the other. We call this destructive interference. And here, colloquially, we often use the expression “bad vibes”. When you find yourself somewhere where people’s energy is completely different from yours, then your own field becomes weaker and in a way “cancelled out” causing you to feel repulsed or run away.

So the primary language is not the one we have developed through the use of words but the one that exists innately and is the recognition and processing of energy. Your dog, for example, does not know any language that helps him understand you before you come to your house to meet him. It simply responds to your energy field.

The primary language of all living things is vibration. For example, the snail. The snail is abandoned by its parents as soon as it emerges from the egg. There is no one to train it about where it should go and where it shouldn’t, what it should eat and what it shouldn’t. His only navigator is vibrations. He is attracted to those places or those foods that have higher and stronger vibrations, which will allow him to complete the cycle of his life.

The problem is that from the moment we are born, all our training is about developing the language of words and not vibrations. This results in us greatly losing our sensitivity and ability to perceive it correctly.

It is like any language. As long as we don’t practice it, we tend to forget it. Even so, however, the energetic language often prevails over the verbal. And it is what we often call intuition or instinct. For example, we hear someone verbally assuring us about how reliable he is or a product or service he offers us but at the same time something inside us reacts, resulting in us not believing him or having reservations. It is this first sense of trust that a person about whom we still do not know much gives us.

So there are actually two ways to approach language, the first is to feel the energy and then to hear the words.

The second way is to listen to the words and place zero or minimal value on the energy language.
In the second case, people are much more easily deceived. So this is a process that we can learn.