Effects of geopathic stress on health

The effect of G/P stress changes the physiological frequencies at the cellular level and the organism is led to chronic and degenerative diseases.

Disturbance that occurs in the E/M field affects the brain, heart, muscular system or reduces the sufficient amount of energy through the chakras, meridians and bioelectrical grid to affect healing.

Dr. Hartmann in several studies with cancer patients who were affected by G/P stress, concluded that there is a correlation with the disease.

Also, a 2003 Russian study calculated that exposure to G/P stress from the day of conception may predispose to carcinogenesis in the future during the human life and indeed targeted to the breast, prostate, ovary, lung, liver and various lymphomas.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized that S.B.S (sick building syndrome – the so-called syndrome of sick buildings such as houses, hotels, offices, institutes, factories, etc.) is largely responsible for:

• Headaches
• Tension between employees
• Respiratory problems
• Insomnias
• Dry skin
• Concentration problem
• Depression
• Fatigue
• Allergies
• Memory impairment
• Heart problems
• Eye disorders