Effects of Electromagnetic Stress on Health

In today’s age, the daily use of microwaves, radio waves, X-rays, γ-radiation contribute to the so-called E/M “pollution”, which has now been reported in many scientific studies for the increased risk of diseases such as:

• High risk for neurological conditions
• Decrease in brain cells
• Carcinogenesis
• Circulatory system problems
• Lack of concentration, sleep and appetite
• Respiratory dysfunctions
• Cardiac dysfunctions
• Skin rashes
• Allergies
• Thyroid problems
• Fibromyalgia
• Adrenal fatigue

Ways to detect Geopathic and Electromagnetic stress

This is done by using electronic devices to measure the E/M charge-“pollution”.
Also, with the wandoscopy method, all underground water currents, tectonic faults, Curry and Hartmann G/P networks, as well as if there is an E/M cloud from mobile phone networks, high voltage networks, can be located with great precision , satellite stations, radio and television transmitters and electrical installations, as well as from a multitude of electrical devices in one place.
Also, with various applied kinesiology tests by specialized scientists.