Ways of protection from Geopathic and Electromagnetic stress

The best way to protect yourself and your family from G/P stress and E/M overload is to stay away from such sources. This defines your active protection. So:

• Avoid living in areas with UV radiation
• Avoid bedroom exposure to E/M fields above 1 mG.
• Avoid using electric blankets, water beds
• Turn off electrical appliances when not in use (and don’t just leave them on stand by)
• Avoid living in properties within 2km of a mobile phone tower
• Avoid using a cordless phone in favor of a corded one

However, if you are unable to change any of the above, then you should find ways to passively protect yourself and your family from G/P and E/M stress.
Such ways are:

• The use of crystals that absorb G/P and E/M stress
• The use of devices that neutralize G/P and E/M stress

The main thing to be aware of with objects that absorb G/P and E/M stress is that if you don’t energetically cleanse them often, then you will have the exact opposite effect than expected, namely your contact with a highly toxic charged object, thus your own energy pollution.
The solution of G/P and E/M stress relief devices is better as these devices work without any lifetime care or maintenance.

Also, it would be a good idea to choose devices that have been documented for their effectiveness with modern studies.

Your choice will reward you with a sense of vitality and well-being, better concentration and focus, a significant boost to the immune system, a greater ability to recover from illness, improved mental clarity, pain relief, an improvement in the body’s ability to absorb nutrients ingredients, improving the detoxification capacity, regulating the body’s physiology and removing stress from the body and the environment.

In addition, they help homeopathic medicines and nutritional supplements to work more effectively, as the burden of G/P and E/M stress causes a decrease in their functionality and a decrease in the body’s absorption capacity.

Various studies have proven with the method of live blood analysis that with the protection devices used, the red blood cells are no longer agglomerated, resulting in much better oxygenation and general functioning of the organism.